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The Touch Of Moon

Things are good,moving slowly good though…but i guess that isn’t  always that bad  right…??  

Storm strikes and creates a vertigo…

 —   What’s the point of starting a post,without knowing what to write..?? 

Artistic inspiration..?? Bored behavior..? Probably…

When the sun goes down everything changes…So what’s the plan…??  I think is like joining sprites…even without having a basic gameplay…yup,i’m talking about basic game creation…which of course reflects in the basic structure of  the “mum i’m  going out  tonight ”  or  for the adults ” man,i need to get out tonight ” style of thinking…No,i’m not sure what the bloody hell i’m talking about…i’ll make myself  more clear… Back  5 months ago  i had a great conversation with an incredible girl… Basically,we had an argue about  home vs getting out…Hah,i bet my head off ,you are confused. Well she kinda supported that people getting out is a major need of the human nature.I did bring the subject to my next level of what is human nature..?? The girl of course started to get boring…of me trying to understand the human nature and back in the meantime to get it out and make her understand.Crazy talk.I don’t want to get too deep into that battle,God knows anytime we had that conversation how i escaped the creepy knife-  right foot shoe of her…ahh good old times..:P  But the outcome of all of that is why we get out…?? Of course i love getting out with good friends…I do stay in my home a lot,like every geek- brit pop rocker…xD We need to go out..because we feel slaves in our home…? Because we cant pleasure ourselves in home ? Because we feel alone..? (What is alone..?) I can’t get it right  every time i think..of that  3 word whore —WHY..??

OK,Minds blown away..have a good day..;)