Stars Hide Deep Inside Your Fate

3:45  — I tried to save you

3:47  — You saved me

Doors are getting green…A sonic buzzer killing my hears,but I don’t care…The only thing that matters for me is…

My first step again in here….This is where all started…

[  ———- 0 – 0 – 4  ———-  ]

Sparkling seas over,under,near,far…Taking all your soul over in them.Engraving your passion…What is my passion..? — Her — . . .

Don’t ask,don’t say nothing…The boat anchor in the harbor to slowly starting the doors to open…Fantastic view,Fantastic feel…That’s where I saw the first sign…I’m searching,I’m seeking for you desperately to find you, to see the mood in your face when you realize my surprize.

Yes, I am Here…Only for you.

Hugging You,Kissing You,that’s the only thing I want to do right now.I don’t care who’s watching,I don’t care about nothing…

Let me feel this…I’m sure you need the same too.

The day starts glamorous,and feels like heaven…now it’s the time to face the first bumps of the ride…After a couple of hours,dirty hands but the warehouse is builded…

The nightfall  is starting to close the daylight within its shadows,the moonlight licking the rocks — pure essence — the town in the night feels like the glory of England.Holding your hand,walking slowly within the narrow roads,the castle and the stiff edges…I’m tired,but I don’t want to leave your hand,I want you to guide me through into your places.The places you walk before me,now we walking them together….

First Morning…

Strong daylight,burst,sunburn…looks like the warehouse is not the best place…but I think i can handle that…I can’t wait to see your morning face…looking me with glowing eyes as the daylight bounce upon them.Still feels like heaven…Taking the morning coffee in front of the horizon,feeling the air slowly hitting your back…That’s life…

[———– 0 – 2 – 4 ———-]

Feels like the best place for art,everywhere seems magical,everywhere reminds me of you…Taking guides and guides through the whole island,that’s where my first thoughts,my first suspicions begun to make me nervous… — I can’t believe that it’s true — ….Add an Image

TO BE CONTINUED . .                                                                                                      .


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