I’m Trying To Chase The Sun…

I’m Feeling Happy and Sad,Real and Fake,Full and Empty,Fail and Sucess,Visible and Invisible,Lost and Found,Death and Life,War and Peace,Depression and Resilience,Open and Close,Alone and  Loved,Strength And Weak,Truth And Lie,Scared And Fearless,Endless And Temporary,Love and Hate,Fate and Free Will,Charmed and Unlucky,Asleep And Awake,Loyalty and Betrayal,Temperance and Indulgence,Selfish and Selfless,Redemption and Deterioration,Fixed and Broken,Jealously and Charity,Dream and Reality,Paradise and Hell,Trust and Distrust,Lose and Win,Injured and Inviolate,Beautiful and Ugly,Fame and Infamy,Rich and Pour,Solid and Liquid,Power and Impotence,Well and Sick,Start and End,Easy and Hard,Tipsy and Sober,Different and Same,Under and Above,Apart and Connected,Low and High,Fast and Slow,Tired and Refreshed,Right and Wrong,X and Y,Yes and No,Rush and Detain,Malicious and Unmalicious,Falling and Rising,Nothing and Everything,Balanced and Unbalanced,New and Old,Smart and Dumb,Wet and Dry,Productive and Bootless,Focused and Blurred,Distorted and Artful,Fear and Bravery,Blessed and Cursed,Good and Bad,God and Devil,Black and White….

What is all about…??


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